Vav Simon
(Mhairi Simon)

Clinical Director

01983 566009

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Raw Meaty Bones
for Dogs



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…who benefit with our Natural Therapies

If you want to find out more about helping your animal,
please do call us on (01983) 566009.

Rusty the dog taught me that animals have personalities, minds and feelings of their very own," says Jane Goodall, the eminent scientist who studied chimpanzees.

"We have a long tradition with these animals, especially dogs. And I think there is so much we are only beginning to understand. There appears to be a telepathy that some dogs know when their owners are coming home..."

"Clearly, just being with a pet seems to be healthy."

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Over the years, Vav has provided chiropractic, massage, homeopathy, herbs and other therapies for a wide range of animals.


Horses, Dogs, Wolves, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea-pigs, Ferrets, Hedgehogs, Goats...

Working Animals

Competing, Showing, Stud, Draught, TV & film stars...

Other Animals

Zoo animals, Rare Breeds, Farm Animals


Most hands-on therapies are designed for mammals, so chiropractic with insects, birds, reptiles, fish, crustaceans, etc. is less likely to help. But...

We haven't got written examples of all these, but some patients have made a noticeable difference to their own health - see our Successes list.