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Press Release 29/9/08

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BackCare Awareness Week

BackCare Awareness Week, 4th - 10th October, is an annual event that promotes awareness of those who suffer from back pain, and what can be done to treat and prevent back pain. This year the campaign is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Most people will have back pain at some stage in their life. For those in manual labour jobs, it is the number one reason for time off work.

Chiropractic is a recognised method for gentle treatment of a variety of back, shoulder and neck pain. It can also help with sciatica and a number of other complaints stemming from skeletal problems. Using manipulation only by hand, it is worth trying before any major drug or surgical method.

When experiencing back pain it is very important to stay active. Bed rest will only make the pain worse. Positive thinking is also a big factor in getting better. Chiropractors will encourage active self-care and discuss ways of preventing repeat problems.

Animals can also be treated with chiropractic. Lameness and limping, aggressive or depressed behaviour, uncomfortable or accident-prone – these are all signs that a dog, cat or horse could have chiropractic problems.

Vav Simon is offering free spine checks for new patients – for dogs during Thursday 9th, and for horses during Friday 10th. Please phone for an appointment on IW566009.

Island chiropractors are also offering free spine checks for new patients at Watchbell House Natural Therapy Clinic in Newport, and Lake Natural Therapy Clinic in Lake during the week.

Please phone Watchbell on 522477 and Lake on 403997 and ask the receptionist for details.