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Chiropractic for horses, dogs and cats


This is is a hands-only form of treatment that re-aligns the bones of the skeleton to ensure that joints work properly, 'trapped nerves' are freed and muscles & ligaments perform well.

The word Chiropractic comes from the Greek words ‘cheir’ and ‘praxis’ meaning, when combined, ‘done by hand’. Assessment is based on information gained through the skilled palpation of the patient by trained and intuitive fingertips.

All the bones and joints are checked for bony mis-alignment. The chiropractor also becomes aware of muscle tensions, fluid build-up or lesions throughout the body.

Treatment to correct mis-alignments includes all bones in the skeleton to ensure the whole body is straight. This means that problems that are distant from the problem seen are corrected. It also helps to prevent other problems that may have been disguised by the primary problem from growing.

Chiropractic is now available on the NHS for human patients where chiropractors have agreed to a contract. However, most chiropractors prefer to work in private practice where there are fewer delays, less paperwork and greater freedom to tailor the treatment to what the patient actually needs.

Assisting Recovery from Injury, Surgery or Accident

Legs, stifles, hocks and hooves (or paws!) can all be adjusted through Chiropractic Treatment to re-align the skeleton to bring the animal back to sound again. Any back, neck, head or tail problems that may be contributing will also be treated.

Once Vav has found the misalignments, she can then adjust the bones with a rapid and accurately placed thrust so that healthy alignment is restored. Occasionally she will stretch a limb, for instance to adjust the pelvis or loosen a hock, etc.

Resolving Horse & Rider, or Dog & Walker, problems

Pain or movement difficulties can lead to an animal having difficulties obeying orders. Horses may mis-behave, refusing jumps, sharp turns or certain gaits.

Dogs may have difficulties with stairs or getting into cars, or show pain under the lead.

Vav also treats humans.

For examples, see many of the Successes.

Chiropractic is a hands-only form of treatment that re-aligns the bones of the skeleton to ensure that joints work properly, 'trapped nerves' are freed and muscles/ligaments perform well.



Our Chiropractic is a gentle method of manipulation based on the McTimoney approach. Training for work with animals is a post-graduate course because animals cannot report where they have pain or movement problems, and they cannot comment on the treatment they receive.

Treating Lameness

Chiropractic assessment examines the whole body to find the sources of lameness, which can sometimes be a long distance from the apparent site of the problem.

After an accident, bones may stay mis-aligned and cause movement or pain problems.

Vav will often watch your horse, dog or cat walk and trot. She will then palpate the bones with her fingers, feeling for misalignments. Her training has developed her palpation accuracy to extremely fine standards.