Vav Simon
(Mhairi Simon)

Clinical Director

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Published in Island Mews, Newsletter of the Cats Protection Society, Ryde branch.

In The Press:

From "Island Mews"

Some of you in the animal world may already know the name “Vav Simon”. She has some exciting news I want to tell you about. For those who don’t know about her, Vav is a fully trained, qualified & registered chiropractor working with both animals & people. She has set up & developed her own business on the island for the last seven years & occupies senior positions in the national committees of her two professional associations.

For over three years, Vav has held onto her vision for the Natural Therapy Centre, patiently waiting for a suitable place for development. Her goal to provide more services & treatment than she alone can offer.

On the outskirts of Ryde, refurbishment of some run-down farm buildings is under way. Vav is creating a purpose-built Treatment Centre for dogs, cats & small animals. To support chiropractic treatment there will be a large heated pool offering a range of hydrotherapy techniques for dogs, thus providing rehabilitation programmes to aid recovery after operations & injury. Also, an old barn is being converted into a Horse Treatment Centre where hydrotherapy will also be available along with heat lamp treatments for massage too.

Complementary therapies work for animals. They work alongside orthodox medical treatments operating in very different ways. Some have ancient traditions from when farmers had to use what they had to hand. Being gentle, holistic & non-invasive, most complementary therapies work well together. Regular clinics specialising in homeopathy & acupuncture will prevent sick animals from having to travel to the mainland.

To keep up to date and bring the best to the Island, the Centre will invite specialists to take half-day clinics covering a range of other therapies & disciplines. For owners, there will be a number of seminars & demonstrations on medical, fitness, training & related areas. If any pet owners have any suggestions for Vav then let her know, as she wants these clinics & courses to match your interests.