Vav Simon
(Mhairi Simon)

Clinical Director

01983 566009

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Raw Meaty Bones
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What Happens in the First Appointment?

  1. Vav will listen to the history of problems your animal has had and will watch him or her move to get some early clues about what is wrong.
  2. She almost always starts with a Chiropractic assessment: if the skeleton is not straight then everything else will either not help as much as it should, or possibly make things worse by increasing the asymmetries and creating new problems.
  3. In your first appointment, Vav will explain what she does and what she finds in your animal. She'll check that you want to proceed. Please feel free to ask any questions you have about the treatment or your animal's problems.
  4. Usually, you will find a substantial improvement after two sessions, occasionally it needs three or four.
  5. Thereafter, Vav recommends a six-monthly 'MOT' to check on your pet's progress and nip problems in the bud. If anything goes wrong before that, please do call for an appointment.
  6. Vav will always tell you if she feels you should return to your vet with a health problem that is appropriate for them to deal with.
  7. Sometimes other therapies are relevant, and Vav will discuss these with you at the time.
  8. You will be offered another appointment after a suitable period.