Star of the Month

To let everyone share in our excitement in their improvement, we thought we would highlight the great progress some animals
have made.

Heidi is an Alpaca

From Rescue to National Competition

My Buffalo's Back!

Back In The Show Ring

Over the Moon

Back in Perfect Balance

From ‘No Hope’ to Winning!

Life's a Canter for Trampus

A Brazilian Tapir's Bathroom Accident

But he’s not lame!

Miracle Achieved, 100%!

Nearly Put Down 2 Months Ago!

Mending Mabel

Getting the Measure of Tapeworm

Dedication Makes All the Difference!

Tara's Back-end is Back Again!

Sophie can Stand Again!

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Some of Our Success Stories

Football-Mad Fred

Fred was referred to Vav by his vet for hip dysplasia.

He was a much-loved six-month-old English Mastiff-Dog de Bordeaux–Rottweiler cross. “Originally I realised he had a dodgy leg and took him to the vet who recommended Vav” said Abi, his owner.

No radiographs had been taken, but when Vav palpated his spine, she found signs of the dysplasia, worse in the right hip. What she could feel was crepitus, a crunchy feeling when the joint moved, and too much freedom of movement.


Vav gave Fred a chiropractic treatment to straighten up his spine so that any physio treatment would work on as healthy a skeleton as possible. This is because a straight joint settles all the muscles and tendons into the right place, and any nerves entrapped by misaligned spinal bones would be freed.

At this age, Fred was still growing. This leaves the body more lax than at other times, allowing the limbs to stretch and grow. This meant that he was quite weak in his hindquarters and his hip could slip out of alignment again quite easily. To counter this, Vav arranged hydrotherapy sessions to build up these muscles in Fred’s behind.

Fred loved playing football with Abi’s children, almost more than rough and tumble with the other dogs. Vav warned that the twisting and turning could cause him problems, and advised them to stop.


Initially, swimming was successful in helping to build up these muscles, which had weakened through under-use due to the dysplasia. Fred got used to getting into the water, and the staff got used to managing such a large dog in the pool.

However, the hydrotherapy equipment was found to be uneconomic despite its enormous clinical effectiveness.


Vav altered the treatment programme to use a muscle stimulation therapy. Here, an electrical pulse is applied to the ends of the muscle to make it contract. By exercising the muscles around the right hip, they would tighten and build up, helping to keep the joint in place.

With chiropractic treatment to ensure his skeleton was kept as straight as possible, Vav concentrated on building hindquarters muscle symmetrically to prevent further trouble.

Homework Essential

To continue therapy between therapy sessions, Vav arranged a homework programme for Abi. They aimed to continue the hindquarter muscle building, and tightening the deep pelvic ligaments.

This form of physiotherapy required dedication from Abi, to manage a 9stone puppy who just wanted to play!

Abi has worked hard to control Fred’s exuberance, even though it cost her a sofa. He got frustrated when she wouldn’t allow him to run off his energy. But it paid off well – at 14months now he is almost fully grown and much more stable behind.

With a proper diet, controlled exercise, regular chiropractic treatment, Fred can now live a full and happy life. He has a good rounded bottom and is unlikely to suffer from the hip dysplasia. It has not gone away, but because the muscles and ligaments are strong and tight, the joint is very unlikely to slip out of alignment. Unfortunately, because of this, Fred still isn't allowed to play football - it's just asking for trouble. "But apart from that, he’s a happy dog now” Abi said.