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Not just Islanders who need to Get Into Shape

Following the front page article revealing that more than a fifth of Islanders were overweight or obese, we should worry also about our pets too.

The RSPCA say nearly a third of all pets in this country are too heavy. Their vet David Grant said food is getting richer and in the last 10 years there's been a significant rise in obese cats and dogs.

Owners often say it is today’s hectic lifestyle that causes it. Pressures of work steal the time and energy to take the dog out for a walk.

The PDSA says "We often treat pets as a member of the family, and as a result, it's inevitable our diet and exercise choices will have an impact on their health and well-being too".

The human and pet problems go together. Exercise for dogs is exercise for owners. Remember, swimming improves fitness while being gentle on joints. They say one minute of swimming is equivalent to a mile’s walk. Let’s encourage everyone to get out, now that spring is here!