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Article in Linda's Blog, Friday, 22 August 2008

Stressful Time

My Ederly Mare 33yrs young, had a very wobbly time on Wednesday, we found she was having difficulty moving her back legs her back was stiff and her near(left) hindleg seemed to be the worse. We have booked a local Horse Healer /Chiropractor, Vav Simon, to see her today at 1pm, we are hopeful she can sort her out again as she did before, when she was in a terrible state last year. I know she is very old, but she is Very Precious, and Loved too.

I have had such a rewarding relationship with 'Wednesday's Choice', this was her official registered name when I bought her from a friend, when she was 8yrs old, ( I had ridden her since she was 4yrs). She has the kindest disposition, but has always been a lively ride, I competed in Showing, and Eventing with her, and she was a dream ride. Her name came about as she was originally bought in the Hereford bloodstock sales, she was in the programme on the Wednesday sale day. She was retired from competition at 16yrs.

Good News

After Vav's visit, My dear old mare has walked in at supper time from the field to her stable in a straight line, with her back legs and hooves 'tracking up' correctly. Tracking up for non horsey people is walking straight with the hooves of the back legs walking in and over the hoof prints left from the front. I'm am so pleased, and relieved.

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