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Star of the Month

To let everyone share in our excitement in their improvement, we thought we would highlight the great progress some animals
have made.

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Some of Our Success Stories

Over the moon!

Littley, the family rabbit, was not walking and the vet had no ideas about how to cure him. The only suggestion was that Littley should be put down.

Caroline receives chiropractic treatment from Vav as a human patient. In her distress, she suddenly remembered that Vav also treats animals. In fact, she originally went to see Vav at her aunt’s suggestion, because Vav had helped her after she saw how the treatment worked for her pony. And that only came about because Vav had treated her friend’s Golden Retriever!

“I didn’t know that anything had happened,” Caroline said. “He just seemed to get slower and I realised his back was twisted. He had no use of the back legs which were just dragging along the ground. It was disturbing to watch and we went to the vet who took Xrays. This was when the vet suggested putting him to sleep. It was only then that one of the children said ‘But I did drop him a few weeks ago, I did tell you but you weren't listening!’ Then it started to make sense.”

Littley had serious misalignments in his dorsal hinge, his lumbar vertebrae and his pelvis. In other words most of his lower back was seized up. No wonder his back legs weren’t working!

This needed Vav to make quite a lot of adjustments. Littley had probably been in pain for some time and didn’t know what Vav was going to do. He had to be held in a wrestling grip to allow Vav to get at the right places. Smaller animals can be more difficult than big ones!

After the treatment, Vav also suggested that a homeopathic remedy called Arnica would help to take the pain and stiffness out of Littley’s muscles. This would encourage him to exercise sooner and help his recovery.

Six weeks later, on his second visit, Littley was hopping about quite normally. Vav found some minor misalignments in the same sort of places. They were nothing to be concerned about, but she treated them as this might help Littley improve his ease of movement further. He already had regained most of the power a rabbit usually has in his back legs.

“It was a lucky inspiration that brought me to Vav. The vet has said there was no hope, but now he’s just a normal old retired rabbit. It’s such a relief to see him hopping about again. I would have felt gutted to have lost him, and my child would have felt so guilty as the cause of Littley being put down. We’re all over the moon now!”