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Vav Simon
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Getting the Measure of Tapeworm

Christie, an Irish Draught / Thoroughbred / Draught, about 16 years old, had been having intermittent bouts of mysterious colic for nine months, coming out of the blue each time. Wormers from the vet had not stopped it. Vav listened to the full history and also referred back to her notes which she wrote each visit. After her assessment, she was sure that there were no chiropractic problems interfering with the gut, or the immune system. Vav felt it was a tapeworm problem and recommended a herbal wormer instead of the conventional kind...

Dedication Makes All the Difference!

Only 3 years old, Gus was hit by a car on the road. His leg was nearly amputated by the vet, but his owners said No! At home with a half-paralysed leg, Gus has slowly climbed back to health with homeopathy, hydrotherapy, chiropractic and electrical muscle-stimulation.

Range of Problems

Animal down, off it’s legs

Lameness, fore or hind

Dangerous behaviour

Performance puzzles

Geriatric care

Long-term care

Other problems

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Long-term Care

Part of the Family…

Any professional who you keep for any length of time will build up a picture of your animal that helps him or her to notice changes that owners and neighbours may not because they are too close to the trees to see the woods.