Vav Simon
(Mhairi Simon)

Clinical Director

01983 566009


Raw Meaty Bones
for Dogs



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Vav Simon has been awarded a Fellowship of the McTimoney Chiropractic Association, her national professsional body. 7/2/14

“Her commitment and energy are unfailing, as she attends many meetings and events on behalf of the profession, to promote and defend McTimoney animal chiropractors. DEFRA is involved in a review of Veterinary law at present, and Vav has been instrumental in the discussions and negotiations which are a time-consuming but necessary part of representing MCA members.”

Vav has written a book!

It's about the magic she met as a child in Scotland, where the old ways of country life were competing with the new technology, new society and new opportunities.

Stories of horse husbandry, animal healing and growing up with extraordinary abilities with living creatures are mixed delightfully with humour, questions and opinions. Moving beyond mere history, she offers the possibility that many people could do more than they think, connecting to the natural world and exerting more influence for good.

In a journey around the spiritual aspect of life, she compares traditional with modern, scientific with intuitive, consumerism with consideration. Her great honesty offers many chances for the reader to say “Yes I wondered that too”, to question whether the world has to be the way it is, and to find new answers for personal progress. She ends up with a collection of exercises to help anyone who wishes to explore their inner being to re-find their natural place in the world.

At the meeting point of two cultures where life and death, progress and stability, and identity and anxiety all swirl and mingle, she has an opportunity to be more than a just a bridge...

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Over the years, we have enjoyed quite a lot of publicity:

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