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Painful Progress

On the second day, Oliver had begun to feel pain and squealed when lifted. Although distressing, this was actually an improvement. It meant the sensory nerves were now working. The paralysis remained, so Vav treated Oliver again.

Six days after that, Oliver regained control of his bladder and bowel. Remembering that Vav had said that this was the priority, Frieda began to get her hopes up. Vets cannot catheterise animals indefinitely because infection can often set in and jeopardise things too much.

Moving again

Thirteen days after the first treatment, Oliver’s paralysis lifted. He was able to stand unsupported and he could wag his tail again. He was still weak in the right hind leg and Vav gave him the usual full-body treatment.

Two weeks later, Oliver showed great progress. His bowel and bladder were working normally and he was walking around quite happily.

A further month passed before Vav saw Oliver again. He was further improved, more upright and relaxed, with only a residual impairment of gait.


Unfortunately, after all these improvements, Oliver had a set-back. After squeezing through a gate and chasing the hens in the chicken run, he was sore and wobbly again. Easily treated, this probably happened because Oliver was coming back into his old feisty personality!

Six months after the original call, Oliver was back to complete health and free movement. He has continued with Chiropractic treatment every four months as a preventative and maintenance measure – and because he likes it!

The Twist

Obviously, Frieda was overjoyed at Oliver’s miraculous recovery! His vet is now open-minded about combining complementary with orthodox treatments and is interested in joint treatments when appropriate. And later, Mr White attended Vav’s human clinic for a chronic neck problem caused by occupational RSI. So the Twist in Oliver’s Tale is the unexpected improvements for three humans!

Articles and Newsletters

Oliver’s Twist in the Tale

Have you ever been threatened with being killed – just because you had a bad back? You may have felt so bad you wanted to die. You might have felt like you were dying! But even if it did put you in peril, you could at least ask for help and talk about it. Think how awful it must be if no-one understands and you can’t tell them what you’re feeling.

Oliver’s Story

That’s what happened to Oliver. He was not dumb, suffering some dreadful disease or a road traffic accident victim. He only had misalignments in his lower back and some calcification. But Oliver was a dog.

As a Daschund, his body shape means he is particularly vulnerable to lower back problems. His back legs had given way and his tail was limp - he was paralysed. His bladder and bowel were not able to empty naturally and surgery was not an option. His veterinary surgeon had decided that the only way was to put Oliver to sleep.

Last Chance

Mrs Frieda White, Oliver’s owner, was very distressed. He had been a very healthy six-year-old until this. She had heard that Chiropractic treatment can be successful with dogs, horses and cats. She asked the vet if Vav Simon could see Oliver. The vet was not used to complementary treatments, but he knew he had no course of treatment left to try. He contacted Vav, and asked if she could come immediately – he had the needle ready!

Neither Vav nor the vet were very hopeful at her first assessment. Oliver’s lumbar region was very twisted and he showed no deep pain reflex, which meant there were serious nerve problems. However, both were prepared to try Chiropractic. After all, Oliver had little to lose…

Until Tomorrow

Different forms of training lead professionals to expect different outcomes from treatment. Veterinary medicine is used to more immediate changes. McTimoney chiropractors are taught to understand that healing is not always an event, but is more often a longer process. Vav persuaded Oliver’s vet to wait until next day to look for changes.

Oliver had been visiting the vet twice a day to be catheterised and have his bowel emptied. The next day, which the vet expected to be Oliver’s last, he was surprised to find the deep pain reflex had returned. So a plan was agreed jointly, that the vets would continue to care for Oliver while Vav continued with Chiropractic.