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Organic Horse Care

Article in Hampshire Horse, 29/9/09

For millions of years, horses have chosen what to eat. They have selected herbs from their natural environment that help build them up, medicate their ills and – perhaps – for the pleasure of their taste.

Nowadays, organic healthcare is increasingly popular. Avoiding herbicides, insecticides, antibiotics and other pesticides is a key issue, but actively choosing herbal remedies is another part. Beyond that, there are more opportunities with natural therapies.

Vav works from Top...

Dr Vav Simon DC AMC FRCC, chiropractor and experienced horse-woman, keeps her yard and pasture along organic lines. This means that horses can find herbs in the meadow, the hedges and the surrounding trees. She has expanded this into a rehabilitation service by making a range of natural therapies available: chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal remedies, laser – and sound advice often completes the job.

This service aims to solve mystery problems, improve performance or speed up recovery using natural therapies and organic principles. Vav chooses the most effective combination to achieve best health and performance. But she also promises to tell you if her assessment leads her to think that your horse will not improve any further. This means you can take him back and rethink his future.

Vav has worked with horses for many decades in several different capacities. She has competed in dressage, show-jumping, cross-country, eventing which allows her to understand most of your concerns. She has also bred her own horses. And as a professional rider she has met most of the medical and behavioural problems horses have. Tail

This has helped her visiting chiropractic service around the South Coast - for over 12 years now. She always takes a holistic approach, working through from one end to the other. Problems can have several causes, and may have complicated results. In her assessments, she finds some vital clues are very rare or very puzzling. Known for occasional ‘miracles’, she has resolved some problems working together with the vet that neither profession could deal with alone.

Vav addresses behavioural problems through her rough-riding knowledge. She also brings in remedial farriery, saddle-fitting, and dentistry experts as required. And as a child, she was taught many of the old horseman’s remedies in Scotland, so these broaden her range of treatment options even further.

Her facilities include stables within an American Barn and 20 acres of pasture so good the area was historically called Haylands. Situated near Ryde, Isle of Wight, with views down to the Solent, she runs the yard as a peaceful retreat. For many of those mystery medical problems, performance problems or recuperation after injury or surgery, this specialist yard can probably help. If you would like more details, phone 01983 566009 or visit