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Vav Simon
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Back In The Show Ring

This 2 year-old Welsh Springer Spaniel had a promising Show career and at Crufts. Then he had an accident that nearly stopped his career dead in its tracks. “I have now got him back in the Show Ring – I’m so impressed – I didn’t think I ever would. Vav’s combination of Chiropractic, Homeopathy and Hydrotherapy has worked wonders!”

Back in Perfect Balance

This 11 year-old Westfalian gelding who had been doing really well in dressage tests but never recovered after a bout of flu. Chiropractic restored his performance and he went back to competition and is winning more & more. Now in a magazine article!

Range of Problems

Animal down, off it’s legs

Lameness, fore or hind

Dangerous behaviour

Performance puzzles

Geriatric care

Long-term care

Other problems

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Performance Puzzles

Healthy, but not Happy

There are times when an animal is healthy - not sick, not lame, not disturbed…

But he just doesn’t seem to be himself, he doesn’t perform like he used to, he’s a bit of a puzzle.

Unless it could be due to age or a mystery illness that no-one has spotted yet, it could be a mild chiropractic pain - like sciatica is for us: it doesn’t stop us moving about, but it slows us down and makes us pull faces when it reminds us we’re ‘not quite right’.