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Clinical Director

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About Us

Questions People Ask

What exactly is your service?

We help horses, dogs cats and a few other animals recover their health, improve their fitness or simply have fun exercising.

Why should I be interested?

As a pet owner, there will be times when you want him to get better after an illness, injury or health problem, and your vet can refer to us for that rehabilitation work. This might mean mobilizing limbs that don’t work well, losing weight, moving faster or stronger, or reducing pain-killing medications.

Or you may want your healthy animal to get fitter, to perform better at shows, competition or work.

Will it work for my animal?

Many people are unsure about complementary treatments when they first come across the option. However, very few are disappointed and most are delighted – by the results, the individual attention and the inexpensive cost.

Look around the website for background information about these approaches to health and about us – or phone or email to find out more.

What kind of results can I expect with this service?

You can expect a professional service where explanations are always given for what we find and what we do.

Also, you can get your hopes up – in almost every situation, there is some improvement we can bring. If we are sure we cannot help in some way, we will be honest and tell you so.

We have helped animals for whom there was very little hope – even those for whom the euthanasia needle was only minutes away. We have teamed up with talented vets to achieve miracles that would not have been possible by either professional working alone. We have made such a difference that some competitors and trainers call Vav Simon their ‘secret weapon’!

Who else has used this service and what were their results?

Almost every animal owner on the Isle of Wight has heard of Vav Simon and the Natural Therapy Centre for Animals.

So ask the next few animal owners you meet. We are confident you will hear positive feedback. One farmer once said “I’ve heard nothing bad about you, and that’s rare with the Island gossip!”

How exactly do your services work?

Your first session will always be with Vav Simon, clinical director, so that she can assess your pet’s condition and decide a treatment plan. Because of this, the first session will often take longer than subsequent ones. We will take notes on a Record Card and check that you understand what the treatment involves before proceeding.

Do you have the experience to help me?

Vav Simon has worked with animals all her life. She is trained as a doctor of chiropractic, in massage, in hydrotherapy, first aid and various other treatment methods. She has an exceptional talent and often knows what is right for the animal before the owner tells her. She is confident that she can help most problems that do not require surgery or drugs, and is very clear about drawing a line if the problem is beyond her experience or abilities.

How can I find out more?

- We have a wide variety of posters, leaflets and newsletters.

- We hold occasional evening lectures and Open Days.

- We have this detailed website.

- Vav is happy for you to phone her to get clear in your mind whether she is likely to be able to help, so you can be more confident that it is worth booking an appointment.

- Or – as we said above – ask other animal owners either nearby or in clubs and associations.

What do I have to do next to get and use your services?

Phone 01983 56009 to make an appointment