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(Mhairi Simon)

Clinical Director

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About Us

Our Visiting Specialists

"Visiting Specialists really help me to widen the range of treatments we can offer." Vav says.

"I feel this is so important when I hear owners worrying about what's wrong with their pet.

There are now so many specialisms that no-one can hope to keep track of all of them. So building a team is the only answer.

What it means is that we can have several different ways of looking at problems. This gives owners choices.

It's not that one is right and the others are wrong. It's more important that the owners feel comfortable with the treatment and the therapist. Then they are more likely to support the work and the animal gets the best benefit."

Dietrich G. von Schweinitz MRCVS, acupuncturist

The World Health Organization (WHO) has formally proclaimed that acupuncture is an effective medical treatment. It is used to help with pain, gait problems, degenerative diseases, arthritis, and joint disease. Chronic lameness such as navicular disease and laminitis can be treated successfully. Nerve damage of all types respond very well. Many behavioural problems caused by pain or discomfort so these can often be treated successfully, too.

Dietrich is President of the Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists. He has written scientific papers on the use of thermal imaging to provide objective, measurable evidence of the ability of acupuncture to restore health in these diseases.

Roger Meacock MRCVS, Hi-Tech Vet

Having qualified at Bristol Vet School and worked in practice for a number of years he began using magnets to treat animals in 1995. He achieved great effects and was featured in Farmers Weekly magazine.

Roger Meacock using the SCENARSince then he has further explored holistic ways of treatment and was the first Vet to routinely use SCENAR Therapy for animals. His successes range from severe burns on a pig to cats with kidney failure, although the majority of his work is now involved with treating competition horses for injuries, and often their owners too! See his own website for details.

Natural therapies have taken Roger internationally, mostly to the USA, where he has treated both horses and people and taught SCENAR therapy.

A detailed article on SCENAR was published in Horse magazine in December 2003.

Kay Humphries, saddle-fitter

As a long-experienced saddler-fitter, Kay has seen every problem between horse , saddle and rider. She travels around the country to assess saddling problems and promotes the need for good saddles vigorously. She came here to give a talk on tree-less saddles,

Kay Humphries, checking saddle-fitKay is deceptively quietly-spoken, having a wealth of knowledge far out-stripping her little book on Saddle-Fitting. Unfortunately, the majority of makers and repairers simply address the saddle as an inanimate object built for human comfort and ignore the reduction in performance due to the horse's discomfort this inevitably creates.

She has loaned us a tree-less GP saddle for people to try out before they decide whether or not to buy. Returning to the Centre occasionally, she is available for saddle fitting advice and high-quality or specialist tack and saddles from her shop Norton & Newby, Bespoke Saddlers. She also has specialist saddlers who can help to rescue a badly-fitting saddle.

Find her Saddle-Fitting Guide here.