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Why Natural Therapies?

Natural Therapies

Natural Therapies are useful in various situations.

and some treatments can be used in dilute form for relaxation or even fun!

For a ‘pick of the month’ news item about natural therapies and their reputation etc
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For more detail about the concepts:

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For more information on the idea that natural therapies sustain and accelerate the body’s own self-healing systems - sometimes called:

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For some opinions about Natural Therapies from celebrities…

Homeopathic healing: The stars who swear by alternative medicine

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How are they different from orthodox approaches?

Natural Therapies are:

  1. generally drug-free and surgery-free. This means that any treatment you try out will not interfere with orthodox medical treatment if that becomes necessary.
  2. often rapid in their results, so you can often see whether it is working and decide whether to stick with it or try something else. In some cases, Natural treatments can save weeks or months of pain, depression or loss of use.
  3. usually quicker to recover from, so that you can try a treatment and decide to stop it and go on to a different approach, quickly.
  4. holistic and systemic: they work in different ways to orthodox therapies, so they may sometimes help with several unrelated problems at the same time.
  5. can sometimes successfully tackle health problems where orthodox medicine cannot.
  6. almost always cheaper than orthodox treatments. If you return to the orthodox medical approach, you have not lost much and may still gain from a more rapid recovery from surgery or medication. If rehabilitation work is advisable, the initial experiences can speed up the introduction to treatment, enabling faster recovery and sometimes a better result too.
  7. Able to team up with orthodox practitioners and combine the two approaches to produce miracles where neither approach could help alone.