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Published in

County Press Pets Feature

February 2011

Occasionally, there are actually two or three problems all working to cause confusion. I met a horse who was suffering a terrible tapeworm infestation that several different wormers had not eradicated – but her lameness was nothing to do with the colics arising from the worm.

Once in a blue moon, the horse is actually sound, but the rider has got into a bad habit. For instance, an owner went back to riding after surgery. I could see she was unconsciously protecting her previously sore tummy, which was unbalancing her and her horse.

Chiropractic can help competitive riders to strengthen their teamwork with their steed by keeping both in the best balance possible.

For example, tensing your whip hand can change your shoulder balance, sending confusing messages to your horse, leading to unexpected results! I can advise on posture and control from a different angle by seeing horse and rider as a whole.

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'It's important to look at the wider picture'

Holistic health is a medical concept saying that all aspects of patients should be assessed – psychological and social as well as physical. This can be applied to pets too.

Assessing the whole horse comes naturally to chiropractors. Our training teaches us to inspect every bone in the body, every time.

Sometimes the concern is caused by a problem some distance away – elsewhere in the body, or even in the horse's environment. For instance, a draught that always blows down one side of the loose-box, a haynet tied too high up, or a lop-sided rider can all result in musculo-skeletal problems. Taking account of every part of their life can lead you to non-medical causes of problems.